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Do you Suffer from Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the most common acute and chronic musculoskeletal impairments in the Canadian healthcare system today. There are a variety diagnoses such as disc herniation, spinal stenosis, spinal instabilities or degenerative processes that be the root cause of back and or lower extremity symptoms. These issues can lead to lost time from work and recreational activities.

However, up to 85% of cases are nonspecific, meaning they are due to biomechanics impairments of either stiffness, poor postures and weakened ligamentous or muscular segments that lead to increased mechanical forces placed on the spine in our day to day routines.  As a result, our larger muscle groups begin to act as primary spinal movers and add unnecessary stresses to our back. It can be a very frustrating process for those undergoing this experience. Education can help relieve your frustrations about the causes of mechanical back pain. As you develop a true understanding of back pain, this can place your mind at ease concerning your own symptoms.

Trained movement specialists such as physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists can work together to help you develop a better functional basis to return to regular day to day routines, work or sports.  We can identify your movement impairments and provide you with an individualized program to get you  on the road to recovery. With the assistance of occupational therapists our healthcare team can help get you back into the workforce with modifications to your job site to limit or eliminate risk of further injury.

When we have a problem with our automobile we take it to a certified mechanic. Show your body the same respect by seeking out our assistance. The greatest treatment for your back pain is educating yourself on the best self-management strategies available.

Allow us to help you!

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Article by Rob Ryan, Physiotherapist