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Hydrotherapy Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Services

Health and Performance Centre, in partnership with Marble Inn Resort, is now offering the first and only Hydrotherapy Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Services on the west coast of NL, and based out of Marble Inn Resort in Steady Brook. Hydrotherapy has been the missing piece in rehabilitative patient care for many years. Patients living in larger centers have had the privilege of access to such services during injury and recovery from surgery for quite some time. We are excited to announce that our region will now too have the benefit of access to hydrotherapy when needed. Each hydrotherapy session includes one-on-one Physiotherapy with a Registered Physiotherapist while in a standing height, salt water pool.  Our therapists recognize that what is frightening, painful, and intimidating on land is less so in water. Hydrotherapy enables the client to offload all weight bearing joints, including the feet, knees, hips, and spine. This in turn reduces pain, discomfort, and perceived exertion and hence increases the rate of recovery and return of mobility, function, and quality of life.

This new partnership and service allows for customized therapy regimens that benefit many rehabilitation clients, but notably those pre- and post-operative and those with unique injuries. Every patient care plan begins with a thorough assessment to determine which rehabilitation methods will work best. We understand the unique needs of your joints and muscles and will not treat any two patients the same.

Our therapists’ extensive experience and the quality of our facility set Health and Performance apart. Following your private hydrotherapy physiotherapy session, you have access to a mineral bath, labradorite steam room and a dry cedar sauna, to help you on your road to recovery and wellness. We feel the compassion, customer service and innovative care you will receive will help to create the perfect healing environment for clients of any age or injury.